Suits Me Just Fine

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The Scoop

Nothing says, “I got this” more than a crisp suit. When I worked at the university my “go to” look was a suit. When I had an important meeting, speaking engagement or a deadline I always put on a power suit. They made me feel confident and ready for anything.

That’s why I am so loving that they are on trend this year. My gosh all the beautiful suits. I didn’t go out and buy a suit for this look because I wanted to show you that you probably have a suit in your closet. And it is perfect for any occasion. From barbecues to weddings they are the “it” look.

I’m not done suiting up this summer either, I have plans to wear shorts suits and skirt suits in all colors and styles. I have lots of blazers and jackets and I can almost always find a bottom that completes the suit look. They don’t need to be the same fabric or even the same color. That is the beauty of today’s suit trend.

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My Look

This is not a suit as in the pieces don’t match and weren’t bought together. I got the pants many years ago because I wanted at least a couple of pairs of white slacks in my closet and the jacket was bought at a consignment store several years ago. My mules are fabulous white Calvin Klein’s (old also) and my cami is the infamous Express “Down Town” cami that every blogger swears by, including me. I have them in a couple of whites, cream, a couple of blacks, a mustard and a hot pink. Love love love these well made, lined, last for years cami’s. My bag was bought several years ago and was a splurge but I knew it was timeless in the black and white. It is a Michael Kors. I put on white Bauble Bar earrings, a white Chico’s Friendship bracelet and my apple watch with the leopard band. Lastly I have my initial necklace in gold. My closet is so curated after all these years that I rarely even need to buy new things. I love timeless pieces like each part of this look.

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Mug Shot

I call this my mug shot. I have been doing a picture for a lot of my posts holding a mug and telling you the story behind the mug. This is my PBS mug. My god I love PBS television. It is almost all I watch. The things I Iearn are amazing and my view changes often after knowing more about a topic. My guilty pleasure now is watching the show The Durrells in Corfu. OMG, you must watch this series. There are three seasons now and one more is planned.

I also love all the cooking shows, they are far superior to the ones on the cooking channels. I leaned about boulder climbing on PBS and about Wilma Mankiller the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation. What an inspiring story.

But really in this picture I just wanted to eat my cookie. Ha ha. Below is a picture of the batch I made and the recipe. I added the peanut butter to the recipe and it worked perfectly but it is optional.

cookie recipe.JPG
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Create Your Own Look

When I started looking for options I found it very difficult. Suits are terribly expensive but I found some fabulous items! Remember it is most fun to mix and match! Think outside the box and put items together that compliment but don’t match perfectly.

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You can see all my looks on the app when you search northwestmountainliving. Just download the free app and follow me or go to the shop tab on the blog to see them.

That’s it gang! Thanks for stopping by!