Halter Tops

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The Scoop

It is absolutely fabulous weather now and I am enjoying wearing all the summer things in my closet. There is so much to do when the weather is nice and I am loving being so busy. On this day we were going to Trader Joe’s for shopping and then out to lunch. And a shopping day is never complete until we stop by Costco too.

Our weeks are divided up between our house in the city and our house in the mountains so I get all the advantages of the bustling city and those of the quiet country life. As it gets hotter though we will be in the mountains most of the week.

I have been going to the trails in town to walk or run this year since we have bears hanging out around our trails at the house and they are way to close for comfort. When we came back this week we had bear paw prints on the car windows of our car we left in the drive way. They are such curious creatures. They have tried to get into our garage and my husbands shop.

Bear proof trash cans are required here because they will keep coming back if you have trash they can dig through. We have watched them wrestle our big bear proof trash cans all over the place trying to get them open. But as we are here more they will move on because they really don’t like to be around people.

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My Look

This top was so popular last year when I got it and I still love it this season. The bright colors are right up my ally and I love the halter style. It reminds me of the tops we used to make when I was a teenager. We used a soft cotton rope for the ties and cold make one is minutes.

I wore the top with a pair of old shorts and sandals. I am mixing high and low in this look. My bag is a dupe of bags that cost around $250 that I got for about $25. My sandals are the real Tory Burch but you can now gets dupes for them. I have to say the real ones are so comfortable and I wear them a lot. My earrings are from Tuckernuck and several years old but I wear them a lot because they are my favorite color. My apple watch and a Chico’s friendship bracelet completed my look.

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking beautiful halter tops, my same Tory Burch sandals, my dupe bag and the designer version and my exact apple watch (the best thing I have ever bought for my fitness). I couldn’t find similar shorts but linked some that were cute and I couldn’t find the dupe sandals on Amazon but I know they are there.

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You can see all my looks on the LiketoKnow.it app when you search northwestmountainliving. Just download the free app and follow me or go to the shop tab on the blog to see them.

That’s it gang! Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I started a new IG Account called @northwestmountainliving. If you want to follow along check it out because I will be linking all my outfits and maybe adding some try-on haul stories soon!