Tee Dress Style For Us That Are Over 50

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The Scoop

Good grief Gang, it has been about two months since my last blog post! How did that happen? I have been blogging for over five years now and for at least the last three I haven’t missed a post. But what can I say? I was dried up, had nothing inspiring to share and decided to stop, refresh and see how I felt after some time off.

I missed you all and our interactions a lot. I spent a little time studying the blog medium, trying to figure out where it is going and to find more direction for my blog. Came up empty! Ha ha. But that’s ok, I love to push my creative side and find new ways to do things and sometimes that means taking a break to refocus.

I was also beyond busy with life in general and just couldn’t find the time to do the work a blog requires. I am still way busy but I think I can get a good post in on Saturdays. I’ll try and see how it goes. While I was on break I was doing things like landscaping, painting my family room, dining room, kitchen and a couple of bedrooms. My project list in never ending it seems. Sometimes I worked myself right into bed for a day or two to recuperate. I’m like my dad that way. My mom says he never knows when to quit. But he is going on 88 this year and still rides a motorcycle and plants a garden so I guess it’s not such a bad thing.

Anyway let’s get on with this post, shall we?

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My Look

So yes we can wear a tee dress after 50. I love my tee dresses, they are comfortable, versatile and simply CUTE! I think it is important to find the right length for your height, this one works for me but usually I prefer shorter dresses to hit the most narrow part of my leg. Finding a dress with a nice weight in the fabric is important too. You don’t want anything showing through because it is too thin, but then you don’t want it too heavy and hot. I got this one at Costco while we were in Arizona this winter.

Now lets look at ways to style it so we get all the wear out of it and bang for our buck! Ha Ha.

For the first look above I added interesting sandals (Sam Edelman) and a bag (Rebbeca Minkoff) with some pop!

tee dress 9.JPG

Try wearing a fun jacket with your tee dress. I love this white distressed jean jacket from last summer.

I got my dress at Costco and they may still have them but here are some fabulous options.

tee dress 11.JPG

Elevate your tee dress with a nice blazer and matching sandals. Everyone should have a white blazer in their closet. It can make anything look dressy! I also grabbed my leopard clutch (Clare V.) which by the way I have a had for so many years and keep using every single season. It is a basic that never goes out of style.

My jackets are old but I’m linking similar ones for you.

tee dress 13.JPG

I took the blazer look one step further and added a fabulous silk scarf.

My clutch is Clave V and I linked it but it is a different color leopard (still really pretty) and I linked other similar bags.

tee dress 16.JPG

Next I added a leopard scarf (BP) around my waist and changed my bag (Marshals) and shoes (Steve Madden). The tan sandals go with anything and I find them very comfortable. My little wicker cross body bag is such a fun summer accessory. Oh and don’t forget to add a hat (Tommy Bahama) for an edgy look.

I am obsessed with all the shoes in this post and I am linking them for you.

Linking exact leopard scarf and other silk options!

tee dress 19.JPG

Big bold sunglasses are hot hot hot right now. I remember wearing them back in the 70s and 80s. Good things come back around eventually. These were from amazon and are out of stock in black.

My hat above a couple of pictures is a Tommy Bahama but I am linking great options!

tee dress 22.JPG

Here I am wearing my sneakers and a ball cap. Boom, ready for my seeing the grandkid’’s ball games or walking around the farmers market, right?

tee dress 24.JPG

My favorite way to wear this dress was with a scarf in my hair. There’s just something about it that makes me feel like I put some effort into the details.

And that’s it gang, I think I could have gone on all day but this gives you an idea of ways I like to style a tee dress!

What is your favorite way to wear a tee dress?

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I started a new IG Account called @cherylapriltucker. If you want to follow along check it out because I will be linking all my outfits and adding some try on haul stories soon!

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