Wearing Shorts and Straight Leg Cropped Jeans For Us Over 50 Ladies

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The Scoop

Hey Gang! I made it back for the Saturday post. I almost thought I wouldn’t get it done because once again I started other projects that were major time and energy sucks. I painted my office which has high vaulted ceilings. It looks and feels so much nicer now. Any way I did manage to find a few things this week that I am mad about and I wanted to share them.

At over 50 are you still open to new trends? I am so on board with trying a new trend if I can make it my own. I was sure I would never wear the so called “mom jeans” but here I am in LOVE with these high waist, straight leg cropped jeans. I even sized up for a more relaxed fit and seriously I think they are so stylish! And by golly I am even embracing the clips in my hair that you are seeing so many ladies wearing! Is there nothing I won’t embrace? Ha ha!


You Know What Else?

Are you over 50 and still wearing shorts? I have thought over the last few years my days of wearing shorts in public were close to over but this spring the weather has been so fabulous that I have found myself wearing shorts every day the temps hit 70 degrees. Sure my legs don’t look like they did when I was younger but I am fine with my legs and am comfortable sporting a shorts look!

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These Looks

In my first look I am wearing a pair of Levis, high waist straight leg cropped jeans. I went up a size because I thought they would look and feel cute a little over sized. I got the feel part right that’s for sure! I wore a top from Old Navy and in the first picture Sam Edelman Sandals. I layered some of my favorite necklaces, wore my apple watch with my leopard band and picked up cute bobby pins at Walmart for my hair.

My next look is something I am so excited about. I found shorts that have a five inch inseam! Gosh they feel so comfortable and are a length that I love. You can get them in seven inch length too! Finally shorts women can feel good in! I got these shorts in a striped, almost linen but less wrinkling fabric and wore the same top only in red. Both from Old Navy. I also got the shorts in a mustard yellow color. I am thinking I may go back and get the red floral pair that I saw in the store and the top in denim. All on sale right now.

old navy 1.JPG

Outside of the first pair of sandals, all my sandals are old. I carried my Ark bag in some pictures and in the others I carried a fabulous round bag with tassels that I got at TJ Max. It is made out of a sturdy jute fabric that I love!

old navy 4.JPG

Linking exact jeans, shorts, tops, Ark Bag and Sam Edelman Sandals. I got my round bag at TJ Max and linking up a very similar one also from TJ Max.

old navy 6.JPG

You can see all my looks on the LiketoKnow.it app when you search northwestmountainliving. Just download the free app and follow me or go to the shop tab on the blog to see them.

And that’s it gang! I think I could have gone on all day but this gives you an idea of ways I like to wear shorts and other trends.

What is your favorite trend right now?

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I started a new IG Account called @northwestmountainliving. If you want to follow along check it out because I will be linking all my outfits and maybe adding some try-on haul stories soon!