Casual Friday Work Outfit

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The Scoop

I used to work at universities at an executive level and therefore wore a lot of business wear. My favorite was to wear a pants suit but I also loved pencil skirts and sometimes dresses. Since I started working from home I no longer need to dress that formally but now and then I like to wear business casual.

Many workplaces allow business casual on Fridays and some most days of the week. What a wonderful world we live in! Ha ha.

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My Look

In my last post I told you I had picked up a couple of black blazers at the thrift shops and how excited I was to style them. In this post I am styling the Banana Republic blazer. I’m wearing it with an older Loft white button down shirt and a new pair of Joe’s cropped jeans and a pair of fabulous black pumps. I found these pumps a couple of years ago, also at a local Phoenix thrift shop. I carried my Louis Vuitton Never Full MM to complete this look.

There is nothing I don’t like about the outfit and I would wear it for so many occasions, like a date night, lunch with friends or even to go shopping. I have other black blazers but this is totally my favorite now.

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More Blazer Looks

Here are a few older posts where I am sharing blazer looks. Just click on the picture for the full post.

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Create Your Own Look

Linking fabulous blazers from Banana Republic that look just like mine as well as a fabulous J. Crew one. And linking exact jeans too.

Along with your white shirt or tee add a pair of pointy toe pumps and a power bag and you are good to go! I prefer a lower heel, it makes you look more in control somehow.


Thanks for stopping by gang!


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