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The Scoop

I have been really focusing on fitness lately and doing a lot of reading and researching fashion. Melissa of Fresh Air and False Lashes told me about Busbee Style and I have been binge watching her YouTube and reading her blog. She is an amazing inspiration to me. My head is so full of ideas I am about to burst.

I am still struggling with getting decent pictures but you know it’s a fun problem to have, right? And my readers are so dear and forgiving. How did I get so lucky to have this support system? I tear up just thinking about the kind words over the years and the people that have inspired me beyond description. If you ever think you are alone or an oddball like me, you’re not! There are others whose hearts beat almost exactly like yours and they lift you up.

Gosh, I got off track! Ha ha.

My Look

So this is super fun! I wanted to shoot a look with a black blazer and didn’t have one here in Arizona so I decided to check out the thrift shops. OMG I got so lucky and found two right away both really nice. My favorite is a Banana Republic and the other is a fabulous Kasper brand. Both are lined and very well made, in perfect condition and fit perfectly.

But on with the story. The Goodwill stores here in Arizona have everything for half price on Saturdays and this was a Saturday so the lines were so long!!! Almost back half way through the store but I felt these jackets were worth the wait so I got in line. Lucky for me the line was right by all the sleeveless tops in my size. Tons of them. So as I waited I perused the merchandise. Well I found two beautiful 100% silk Cabi tops. Score! Ha! They were just so pretty and half price.

This top is one of them. I brought them both home and hand washed and dried with a little ironing and they both look like new. I wore this one with my favorite Lucky Brand jeans, and a pair of booties. I tried two different purses and liked them both. One of the bags is the Gigi bag I won in a blogger contest last winter and the other is my new mustard backpack. Oh and I wore giant hoop earrings.

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Create Your Own Look

I am really looking at ruffles and ties on tops for spring. I am seeing them everywhere. Linking some fun options.

Here are links to some jeans and booties on sale to complete a look!

Thanks for stopping by gang!


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