Mustard Please

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The Scoop

The weekend here was so nice and I am grateful to enjoy it. Low 70s and sunny. When we are here in Arizona we walk almost every where we go. Our favorite grocery store (Sprouts) is next to a Starbucks so we walk there almost daily to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables and then we pick up a coffee on the way back. It is about 3 miles total trip so lots of days it is our workout. We are really into it with our backpacks and sneakers. Ha ha.

I love to cook so much so we don’t eat out often but there is a little sports grill about a mile away that we walk to once in a while for fish tacos. We really try to work in fun with exercise every single day. I try to cook following the Mediterranean diet which is easy when you love fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, etc. like we do. I also can have a small glass of wine each day when I follow the guidelines.

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My Look

I am really loving all the mustard items in the stores lately. I have always loved this color and have a lot of it in my closet but it hasn’t always been easy to find. It is a color that some love and some don’t. I am in the I do camp. I found this top and decided that floral sandals would be so cute with the stripes in the top. I wore my Lucky Brand jeans which are my favorites right now. They are skinny’s but I went up a size for a more relaxed look and feel. To complete the look I carried my mustard back pack and I wore a Kendra Scott necklace.

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking same jeans (Lucky Brand) same brand shoes, same brand necklaces and other fun mustard options for you!

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McCall and I thank you for stopping by!


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