The Utility Jacket

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The Scoop

This look is awful! Ha ha! But it is all I have in new pictures so I’ll show you what I don’t like about it. I don’t like jeans with holes anymore. I don’t know what happened but over the last year I have grown to not like the look on me. Other’s look fabulous but for me not so much. I still wear them once in a while though because they are in the closet and who knows I may start liking them again.

Keep watching my posts to see what I’ve been doing around the condo. We have new carpet being installed next week and it will be so much nicer. We have hesitated putting much money into a condo that we don’t spend too much time in but the current carpet is old and I can’t live with it any longer. We considered putting in wood floors but since we are on second floor we felt like the noise might be too much for the people below us. I guess wood or tile floors make more noise. But I found a fabulous light colored carpet that I love that will be serene, cozy and block out some of the sound for us too.

There were a couple of walls that were brown and I painted them the same linen color as the rest of the condo and like it much better. I took the dark curtains down and replaced them with linen ones and started putting more modern things on the walls. I knew I wanted a collection of clocks on one wall and I found the perfect ones at Hobby Lobby. I moved my framed art to the dining area and then put up a big mirror above the sofa. Things are starting to take shape.

I also have mercilessly been going through every cabinet, closet or corner and gotten rid of everything we don’t use. I took all our dishes down to just four place settings including all glassware. I also got rid of anything that looked out dated and boring (still more to do). Out with the old fashioned stereo system and in with the Alexa’s and Google Home systems. We are ordering them around all day long, we even control our heat by telling them what temperature we want. They let us know when a package is about to arrive and when it has been delivered. It is endless what these gadgets will do to make life easier. Anyway, I still have more to do but it has been so great seeing the clutter disappear. We ordered handles for the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom since they did’t have any and it was another thing to drive me crazy always messing up my nails trying to open cabinets and drawers. I thought about painting the cabinets but kind of like the color of wood next to the linen colored walls. Its a nice contrast.

Up next is to put the handles on the doors and drawers and then I start painting base boards to freshen them up. I kind of like doing all these things. It has been chilly (for AZ standards) and raining a lot (also for AZ standards) so it is a good time to get things done. Because in another week or so it will be time to hit the pool and spa, sit out on the patio and get back to runs and hikes and shopping and the list goes on!

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on my little projects and try to find fashion inspiration for us all!

My Look

I’m wearing Express Destroyed Skinny jeans, an Express Cami, a utility jacket (not sure where I got it but it is getting donated along with the jeans, this week) and low heeled booties. I am carrying a fabulous canvas backpack to complete this look! I do like it and the cami, booties and bag. So that’s something.

I’m linking some fabulous finds that I just ordered today! There are only a couple of the backpacks left but I love canvas backpacks like these. My current one is Fryes and I have had it for years but the Tommy Bahama is so fabulous! I decided I had to have this Poncho that is on sale today. Not sure how long it will be on sale. All these designer jeans are on sale and that’s a great way to see if you like them without spending on full price.

I’m linking the Echo Dot, Google Home Minis (we have one or the other in every room in the house) and the Thermostats we use in all our homes. These thermostats interact with my Echo Dots and are just amazing! I use the Echo Dots and my husband uses the Google Home Minis. I am an Apple user and he prefers Androids. They all play our music, answer all our questions, run thermostats, lights, etc. We haven’t even begun to use all the options available but is it fun to learn something new each day!

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