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the scoop

I love summer fashion but I think options are limited when it comes to variety. Other seasons give you more of an opportunity to layer which provides endless options and creativity. But I must admit putting together an outfit for an evening out is a lot of fun when you don't have to think about keeping warm. And I think a monochromatic look is so chic for summer. All black or all white just always works.

Linking exact jeans, shoes and top (limited sizes and colors) and a couple of similar tops and fun bags for summer.

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my look

This top covers a lot but yet it doesn't. The sleeves are sheer so not at all too warm for evenings and baring the shoulders is also a comfortable way to keep cool. This top is great because it is nicely secured around the neck. You don't even think about it falling or being too revealing. I decided to wear it with cropped black denim for a chic look. I had packed most of my belts to move to our other house so had to use this silver metal belt which I ended up actually liking. Nothing makes black pop more than tan shoes and bags so there you have it. A complete look. I added colorful earrings for fun. It wasn't planned but red toes and white nails added even more interest to this look.

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