Why I Said Good Bye To Social Media

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should be lived in the present.

the scoop

I've been asked many times now several questions about deleting most of my social media accounts. Why did I leave? Has it affected my blog numbers? How does it feel to not be on my phone or computer so much are just a few of the questions. I thought in this post I would let you know how it is going or has turned out.

Why did I delete?

In early June I deleted my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. Why? Mostly because I think they only promote competition and self doubt. But also because they misuse the trust people put in them regarding privacy. I also didn't like the feeling of always needing to be online to promote, reciprocate, be perfect, etc. The endless feeling of unrest was just stupid in my mind. Social media didn't own me, I owned it. So I took control. I still have my IG account but have basically ghosted it for a month or so. I want to delete it too but am still considering the fact that it used to be my favorite form of social media. I enjoyed sharing and liking with my IG friends. But at some point they disappeared and the whole thing became frustrating. And any new followers I got were men who had no interest in fashion or the life style of a woman my age. So I am pretty sure I will nix it soon. 

I still love Pinterest and will be holding on to it. It is relaxing and doesn't make me feel like I owe it or someone else something. I hope they don't change it and screw it up. I use Bloglovin' to track the blogs I follow and will stay with it for now too. It seems non invasive so I'm good with it. 

how has it effected my blog?

My blog numbers are down about 21%  month on month. I don't blame it all on quitting social media though. I have slacked off on my commenting and participating in link ups as well as shut down my own link up party account (Style Wise). The biggest decrease came from letting it go. But dropping off  21% seems worth all the freedom I am feeling these days. I also feel like this fall when I get back into things I can bring the numbers back up. Summer's are usually slow in the blogsphere. People can get out more and don't want to spend as much time online. And I agree and support that! And I am still up 73% in unique visitors and 43% views year on year so that is awesome! I remember when I only had one or two visitors and was happy with that! Ha ha! 

I still get daily invites for collaborations but I'm no longer interested in them either. It is another way of me trying to be something I am not. Once in a great while I will hook up to help someone out but mostly I just say no. I've come to learn that the the brands benefit much more than the influencers most of the time. I am always open to helping a cause if I can though.

I love affiliate programs and use Reward Style all the time. I enjoy it and it helps pay for some of my blogging expenses. They are so nice and helpful and fair! Mostly it's a great way for me so share my style with others.

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how did it effect me?

I have a lot more free time on my hands! I can fit in reading a book, talking on the phone, going for walks, cooking. You get the picture. Smell the roses. It was a little difficult at first because I was worried my blog would tank. But I told myself that I wanted readers that were long term, not blue birds that flitted in accidentally. And an organic following would build that kind of readership. 

Right now I am very honored to have the readers I have and enjoy getting to know them and interact through my blog. I have my creative outlet, a fun hobby and amazing readers. It's all good! I can look to the future of my evolving interests and know I am being supported by the most amazing people ever!

will i return?

I never say never about anything. But I don't see myself returning to facebook, twitter or google+. I may revive my Style Wise Link Up party in the fall because although it was a lot of extra work, it was fun. IG is still on the chopping block. I would love some input. Would you delete it? Are you on social media? Do you enjoy it? I would love to hear what other's think!

my look

I was so taken by this fun top when I saw it because of the big bell sleeves and the black trim on them. I also liked the style of this top with the buttons half way down the front and an almost peasant design. I could see it would be perfect for so many outfits. I mean black and white is the original basic! I wore it with a pair of cropped shinny jeans and tan wedge sandals and a basket tote completed this look.

Linking my exact top, jeans and shoes and the perfect bag to accessorize! Sizes limited.

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And thank you so much for stopping by!

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