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There are certain colors that feel like summer to me and turquoise is one of those colors. I don't have lot of this color in my closet but the few pieces I have stand the test of time and always are perfect for a summer day. 

Speaking of summer it is in full swing here in the mountains. Our days are in the upper 80s and nights in the mid 50s. Perfect temperatures only marred by the fires all over the west including here in Idaho. We couldn't drive down to the city using our normal route today due to fires shutting down the highway. We're hoping they open up by tonight so we can go down. These fires are normal for this time of year in Idaho but they are making our air smokey which can irritate the eyes and throat. But nothing can dull the beauty of this time of  year in my eyes. We're certainly hoping for a short fire season this year for everyone being effected.

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We're going down to the city for the weekend for a furniture delivery to the house and to check out the fabulous Farmer's Market down town. We are also going to one of the local orchards for peaches, they are just coming into season. Normally I would be making jams with them but this year I am so busy I may not tackle that job.

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