They Call Me Mellow Yellow

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when you know a hero

This is a last minute add in. I don't talk much about my immediate family, I respect their privacy and my blog is about frivolous things and not personal things. But I have to share this story. Today my youngest son called me and told me about something that had just happened.

He was driving on the highway in Kansas City where he lives and an older woman had made a move that angered a younger man. The man began trying to run her off the road and finally got in front of her and stopped her. My son pulled in behind her and watched as the man got out of his truck with a small knife. My son grabbed his big wooden umbrella and got out of his car and told the guy to get away. My son is big and strong and the guy stopped immediately and turned to run away but first stabbed the lady's tire. He got in his truck and did a u turn and took off. My son got in his car and followed him and got his license plate number and a picture of the car. Then he went back to the lady who was with her 12-year-old granddaughter and called the police. They came and he gave them all the information he had attained and made sure the lady and her grand daughter were okay before calling me. 

I was so proud of my son and so scared for him. My heart was in my throat as I listened to his story. He was very brave and did the right thing. Too many people would have not stopped to help and he did. He is not stupid, he said he looked at the situation carefully and knew he could take the guy down in a heartbeat. He was furious that someone would try to hurt an older lady and a child. He said he could not stand by and let it happen. I am so proud of my son. He is my hero. He was a hero for someone he didn't even know. She was so grateful and shaken. He said she could barely write his name down. I feel so bad for her but happy that someone was there to help her. No one else will ever know this story but that is what being a hero is, helping others in trouble without thought to yourself. And I know a hero.

the scoop

Yellow has cast it's spell on me this spring. I have never been a fan of yellow. When I was a small child I got lots of ear infections and the medicine I was given was yellow. I still remember the taste and the trauma of being held down while warm ear drops where put in my ears. It was very upsetting to me and I never forgot it and every time I saw yellow the memories came back. And even now I recall those times but I am pretty much over blaming the color yellow. Ha ha!

Linking my top (limited sizing), and several other fabulous tops in yellows.

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feeling mellow

wearing yellow

my look

This top is sort of a light mustard color and the minute I saw it, I liked it. The fact that it had the cold shoulder design and was in a sort of linen fabric made it even more appealing. I wore it with my DIY cut off shorts and my fabulous striped Seychelles mules that I got last year. The shorts are button fly Lucky Brand and very comfy. I plan to cut off a few more jeans this summer. I usually go to the thrift shops for jeans to cut off which is where I got these. 

Linking several options for shorts and mules for creating your own look!

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