Granny's Cornbread Salad


The Scoop

It is not picture taking weather here in Idaho so I have’t been getting any taken. I wrote this post a while ago and had it in the can to share at some point and now seems like a good time.

Granny’s cornbread salad is not only one of my favorite recipes, it reminds me of my Granny. She was my mom’s mom and a very sweet and kind lady. As I grew up I learned I had a lot of her traits. We both rearrange(d) our furniture when we clean(ed) house, we both love(d) old BBC sitcoms, we both kick(ed) our foot when we would try to sit still and the list goes on.

Anyway back to my story. As Granny got older she started losing her vision from Macular Degeneration but she wanted to record and share her recipes with us grand kids. So I gave her my old electric typewriter and even though she didn’t know how to type, she slowly typed recipes on cards. She made one for me and one for my cousin and the other grandchildren. She put little stickers on them and put together the cutest little recipe books. I use mine all the time and always think of her when I do.

The bowl in the picture above also reminds me of granny as she had the exact one and used it all the time. I found one in an antique store many years ago and use it all the time too.

You can see how much I use this recipe, a tribute to how much my family likes it. It is so easy to make and really a meal in one bowl. I make it mostly in the summer for some reason.


I vary the ingredients too. I like black beans sometimes instead of kidney and I might use red and yellow peppers instead of green. I usually make extra bacon because if you are going to eat bacon you might as well have plenty. Ha Ha. Also instead of mayo I will use half yogurt or even all yogurt. I think Greek yogurt is just as tasty as mayo.

I cook my bacon on a sheet pan in the oven. I think it’s the best way to make a lot of bacon.


I like a nice white cheddar cheese for this salad. A fruity white wine goes perfectly with this salad as well as does a glass of iced tea.


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