Life Lately

the scoop

I have never done a "Life Lately" post. But life lately has been crazy and it is theraputic for me to share. It's sort of an organizational relief for me. So here goes!

i care!

This is not meant to start a political debate, it is a statement regarding compassion. When I envision myself years ago as the mother of two young sons and the things I did to better their lives I am ashamed of the people in our government who deny that right to other human beings.  I struggled and worked hard and took advantage of the help offered to me when I needed it. Through my perseverance I made a better life for my sons and myself and they now are thriving young men. They give back at every turn too. I am so grateful for all the help I was given and for my determination. I believe all human beings have the right to live full, happy and SAFE lives. I support this belief and try to find ways I can help others in need. I want to pay it forward for all the good that was shared with me. So here are some things I found I could do. Little things but every little thing adds up to big things. 

1. This tee is for sale and the company making them is donating 50% of the profits split between Raices, a Refugee and Immigration Center in Texas currently helping to reunite immigrant parents with their child AND Catholic Charities of New Orleans Immigration and Refugee Services. 

2. Wearing this tee will help publicize the atrocity going on of ripping children from parents and not reuniting them. The more people who know the truth of what is going on; the more the true face of our country will be shown to the world. We want the world to see us for who we are. We are a compassionate and caring country who is willing to share what we have for the good of all.

3. On June 30 I will be participating in a local Families Belong Together March. People are peacefully rallying in Washington, D.C., and around the country to make a stand and strong statement that families belong together. You too can find a local march and participate. Here is how to find out more. 


good read

If you read my blog regularly you know that recently I have been trying to live my life more in the present and less virtually. I deleted my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts mostly as a stand against the way these platforms promote negativity and steal happiness from so many lives. But also because of their abuse of  everyone's privacy. I am testing the waters of letting IG go too. So far I am not seeing a down side. 

As part of trying to live more in the present I am making time to read. I had let that part of my life go with no time it seemed and missed it. There is nothing better than sitting out on my deck with a glass of tea and relaxing with a good book. 

This book? "In a luxe beach read with weighty questions at is center, debut novelist Laura Holtz's Warm Transfer breaks into the new media landscape forged by the "MeToo movement with a story of self-discovery, newfound joy and reinvention." I really enjoyed this book! Also important to note. Ten percent of the profits from this book are being donated by Holtz to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). You can find this book on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound or wherever books are sold.


Home Sweet Home

We have been thinking, rethinking and thinking of getting a home in the city for a while. Currently we live on 22 acres in the mountains and don't have access to anything more than the great outdoors. Not gonna lie, love that part but I need some balance. I have been mostly sharing this story in my update/newsletters but since it is taking a huge amount of my time and energy it is a big part of my "Life Lately." Thus part of this post.

We found a place and I am so excited. We are hoping to close soon and all the moving will commence! We have one last hurdle regarding the square footage being way off but keeping our fingers crossed. I have several projects planned to update and am so ready to nest someplace closer to the bustle of life. We will be able to attend cultural activities, see our friends more often and engage in so much more soon! 

Stay tuned for more updates as I plan to share the good (decorating), the bad (painting cabinets) and the ugly (moving). I plan to embrace and enjoy this journey as life is too short to not go for the gusto!