Making Camo Feminine

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Feeling feminine in a masculine pattern.

the scoop

I grew up in an area where people hunted and camo was worn for that purpose. I never really thought of wearing camo until the last few years of watching it being transformed into so many fun outfits. I now have this pattern in a tee, shirt, jacket and jeans. I love them all and find them so versatile. I have found that I can put together really feminine looks now and it's fun.

Now is a great time to get a field jacket. Linking several below, all on sale. Perfect to tie around your waist outside but put on in the cold resturants and shops.

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thinks I've lost it again!

my look

For this look I am wearing a black tee dress. It is just tee shirt material with a relaxed fit and slit pockets on the sides. A favorite dress for me. I added a camo jacket since we have not even made it to the 70s most days here in the mountains. I wore a pair of platform espadrilles, and a pink cap to add feminine touches. I carried an old picnic basket for a tote to complete my look.  

Linking fun options for dresses, sneakers and bags! All on sale!

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