It's My Birthday Week!



the scoop

Starting in my late 20s I worried about getting old. I was so afraid I wouldn't get every thing done and done right fast enough.  Turning 30 and then 40 were especially sobering. I joked around on the outside but on the inside I felt strange. I can't explain it.

But on my 50th birthday something clicked and I knew I would be alright. I stayed awake until the clock struck midnight and I looked at myself. I wanted to see what happened the moment I turned a half century old. And you know what? I was still me. And now when a birthday comes and goes I don't even blink. I carry on with living life and being grateful and well, just smelling the roses. 

So here I am facing my 58th birthday with a smile on my face and gratefulness in my heart. It's going to be okay and I know it. I take all the changes that come with each year and I look at them with hope, joy, and curiosity. It's all good.

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Here is my pink denim jacket and more fun out of the box styles!


It's a good thing.

my look

I decided to dress for this post in way that reflected my thoughts on turning another year better. A little black dress, a bright pink denim jacket and fun wedges perfectly reflected my zest! I carried my leopard bag and wore colorful tassel earrings to complete this look.

I always love fun tassel earrings to complete my summer look!

Summer wedges go with everything!

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