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Every once in a while I love to stop by our local thrift shops and pick out a complete outfit. Just to see if I can do it. And I always seem to find at least one treasure. On this trip I found two! First, I found the top. It is a100% pure silk, Tommy Bahama brand and my size exactly! Win! I thought to myself, but what would I wear it with? I moseyed on over to the skirt rack and low and behold this skirt was singing a sweet tune to get my attention. Crazy because it looked to be just my size also. I had never heard of the brand but it seemed well made. The seams were straight, stitching was tight and even and for being preused it seemed in perfect condition. Have you ever heard of the brand Bubblegum? I looked it up and it was a really popular brand in the 80s. I guess I totally missed that, well being busy working, going to school and raising two sons. But better late than never, right? 

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This is a little different topic but I want to let you know that I have closed several of my social media accounts. I took a lot of time to consider this move and the effects it will have to my blog but at the end of the day I don't like these platforms and the things they represent. I am still on Instagram (not sure how long), Pinterest (which I still love) and YouTube (considering future use of this platform). Anyway you will no longer find me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ so if you want to easily keep in touch sign up for my updates or follow me on Bloglovin. 


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The minute I picked up the skirt I could envision it with the top so I handed them to my husband to pay for them and literally skipped out the door! And my mind's eye was correct. It was the cutest look ever. The skirt has slits to the knees on both sides and I had been wanting a denim skirt all spring but wasn't finding something unique. Silly me, a couple of years ago I got rid of all my denim skirts thinking I was too old to wear them. But all's well that ends well. To complete my look I wore my new favorite pair of tan wedges and carried my Ark bag. For jewelry I wore my Tucknuck tassel earrings. My biggest fan, gave me the two paws up. 

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