They're Baaaack

The pants

that won't go away

the scoop

Remember last year when these pants were everywhere? I do, and earlier this spring I had them out again. Sorry about the quality of these pictures but things are torn up around here with working on redecorating the deck and media room so I had to dig back to pictures I hadn't planned on ever using.  Ha Ha. This outfit really was cute though, take my word for it.

The first pair linked are my exact pants, then I linked some others that are fun!

White shirts are basics we all need and have in our closets!

Camo with bright white

I like the contrast.

my look

These pants are so comfortable and have fun detail. The zippers at the ankles are so fun to zip up or unzip for different looks. A white top seemed like a nice contrast that would add interest. The tan wedges that are basically my everday shoe seemed just right. I love back packs and I have had this one for several years. It is a canvas material and goes with almost everything casual. For a third piece I added a denim jacket and my look was complete.

I love a good canvas backpack for summer. Here are some fun options!

Another summer basic? Wedges. The wooden ones have been on my wish list for a while.

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