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don't let them suck the life out of you

the scoop

I don't usually talk about personal things on my blog, certainly not painful things. I am not comfortable sharing personal things with anyone. I never have been. But earlier this week a couple of bloggers who don't even really know me, basically ganged up on me and made me feel extremely bad (I cried for a couple of hours after). They both are older and I would think be better at this stage of life but after an hour on the phone with them basically saying I have nothing to offer as a blogger, I realized mean comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. I was completely broadsided by what I thought was a phone call about a simple and fun collaboration but ended up of an hour of me being told in passive aggressive ways that my blog is unimportant and has no value to others.

Obviously, these women know nothing about me, my education, career, family, etc. They have never read my blog more than once or twice if that so what they were basing their judgement on I don't know. If they had ever read my "About" page they would know that my blog is a hobby, something I do for fun. I am not here to tell other people how to live their lives, or to judge or anything like that.  I just try to share my life through fun pictures and humor. This blog is my happy place. No one is forced to read it. 

I am human and I can be hurt, but not for long. Life has made me very strong. I blocked them from being able to comment on my blog, social media and life. I don't let vampires suck the life out of me. I am strong, smart and capable and I refuse to let bullies waste one second of my life. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

The last thing I have to say about this is that 99.9% of the bloggers I have encountered and readers who have communicated with me are good, kind and supportive. Thank you to those of you who remind us all that most people out there have a good heart. 

Now getting back to fun

I love a sale! And this spring I noticed that I have not bought a new spring dress for several seasons. If you look at my posts from years past you will see me wearing the same dresses. That's fine but I really wanted to try to update my dresses this year. So I ordered six, yes six to try out. Four show up today as I write this post. They are all so different than my normal style so I hope I will like at least a couple of them.

Tomorrow we go to down to the city to look at a house. We are pretty sure we are putting this house here in the mountains up for sale this summer. As a matter of fact we are meeting with our dear realtor friend for lunch after we look at the house I want to see to discuss the sale. I will tell you more about that plan as it starts happening. Meanwhile I have found this darling place in the valley. I hope it looks as nice when I see it as it does online. I am so ready for a smaller cozy home. And Boise is a beautiful little city with a wonderful art district, restaurants, shopping and all sorts of outdoor venues. So I'm excited!

my look

I got this cardigan from the Loft at 40% off and I love it. It looks to be sold out now. It is light weight, so will be perfect for summer here in the mountains but also good in the fall layered. I love the olive color and thought it would be so pretty with white pants and these tan wedges. I carried a tan bag and tied a scarf around the handle to add a little color to the over all look. This is something I will be wearing again.

I Love These Colors

Olive, tan, white, navy, etc.

I'm linking fabulous options in case you want to create your own look.

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