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the scoop

Today was just crazy! We had a squirrel come down our chimney and was inside the fireplace. I felt so bad because he was so scared and the dogs were barking and freaking out. So we put the dogs in the bedroom, and opened the double front doors and then the fireplace doors. Out he came, looked around, jumped up on the bar and looked out the window then turned around a hopped out the front door and straight up a tree. Then we saw two either large coyotes or wolves running across the back part of our house in the forest. We have heard neighbors say they have spotted wolves so we are not sure.  We have baby deer hanging out all around and are so worried about them. It's like the wild kingdom here right now!

Now on to the topic of blazers. I have been seeing blazers on everyone this spring. And then I was on Pinterest this week and I saw so many cute combinations I couldn't wait to see what I could pull together.  Our weather right now still requires something on your arms so a blazer is perfect. Luckily I have several in my closet.

my look

I am wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans that I sized up on for a relaxed look. They have a high waist and a dark wash and I love them. I am wearing a tee that is really too big but since the pants were loose I was able to get it all tucked in. It is a soft and pretty tee though and I love it. It will be great with shorts this summer. Next I added a white blazer, a tan belt and tan wedge sandals. I carried a leopard bag and wore silver hoop earrings to complete this look.

I'm linking similar items so you can create you own look! You will see my exact shoes and tee but the tee shows orange. You can get it in blue, orange and yellow. Size down though.

I know I need to plant flowers in my pots, but it still gets below freezing at night so I will have to wait a little longer. At least the snow is almost all gone! Glass half full!

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