Healthy Sheet Pan Meals for Entertaining

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A special place of creativity and joy!

To me, cooking for family and friends is how I show my love. 

Last Saturday night we had friends over for dinner. There were six of us all together. I wanted to have something delicious, healthy and easy so we could all enjoy our evening. So I decided on a sheet pan meal.

It was so simple because I could do almost everything ahead of time. Thirty minutes before time to eat I just popped things into the ovens. The asparagus went in 15 minutes before time to eat because they didn't need as much time in the oven. 

To prep I just seasoned the chicken breasts, chopped up the veggies or bundled them up and tossed in olive oil, course sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper and put them in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes. 

For the tomatillo salsa (sheet pan 3 below) I roasted garlic, tomatillos, red onion and pasilla peppers, then I put them in a blender and blended to preferred consistency and viola! Perfect sauce for the amazing roasted chicken. 

Below is everything ready to go into the oven.


I wear aprons often!

I am a apron collector. I have even made several over the years. I love them because you can dress for dinner and not worry about messing up your outfit. They are cute and fuctional!

I made this dessert and we ate the whole thing! I used this recipe, one of my favorites but changed it up a little. Instead of graham cracker crust I used ginger snaps because I love ginger and lemon flavors together. I used Meyer lemons rather than plain lemons just to give it a more intense flavor. I also topped with blueberries to give it additional flavor and color which the recipe did not call for. And the final step? While everyone was standing around, I whipped fresh whipped cream to top it. Boom! 

setting the table

The most fun part of entertaining!

You get to go way outside the box creatively! 

This was a casual dinner party. Everyone hung out in the kitchen and we used our kitchen table to eat at. I love a fun table setting which you can see above. No one was a drinker so I made a Very Berry iced tea (recipe here) that everyone enjoyed along with fresh coffee for the pie.

This party was a little different because I am a dog lover and so are all our friends. So everyone brought their dogs and they all ran through the house playing and entertaining us the whole evening! There were five dogs all together! I wish I could have gotten a picture of them all together but they were too busy to sit for one!

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