The Petal Hem

What is a petal hem?

It's the thing for spring! We all know about the raw hem, and the step hem but now we have the petal hem. And I love it.

You all know that I'm not afraid to try new things. I am what my husband calls an early adopter. And the minute I saw a pair of these jeans I knew I would wear them a lot for spring and summer. There are different versions of these jeans but the hem is shaped to different degrees like a petal. These are minimal but I have seen some that the split goes up to the middle of the lower leg. I also notice that the lighter colored jeans are popular for spring. I still love my dark flares but these are in close competition for my heart!

Now add a pop of yellow!

If the petal hem is not enough to make you think spring, then get a load of this yellow cardigan. Think sunshine, daffodils or tulips. 

Most places will have a cool day or evening as spring approaches so a spring colored cardigan can carry you through. In my case it will carry me all year long in the mountains where even in the dead of summer our nights drop down into the 40s and 50s. 

Show a little toe?

Yes! I think sandals can be one of the first things you switch to for spring style.

The last thing in this look that is new for spring is the tie front shirt. Well the tie front anything is fun and on point for spring. I'm linking up my jeans, and sweater and options for creating your own look!

As always gang, thanks for stopping by.



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