Hippity Hopin', Easter's On Its Way

Hippity Hoppin', Easter's On Its Way

So I'm going all Peter Cotton Tail as in white slacks.

Easter is a casual day for us. We usually celebrate with dinner and just hanging out. I was raised in a family that celebrated in a big way. Everyone dressing up for church and dinner. Many years my mom made all our dresses, hers and for three girls and the shirts for my dad and two brothers and all in matching fabric! She was a marvel! Still is! I remember Easter bonnets and going to granny's for a big ham dinner. What fun memories. 

As my children grew up I hosted many of our Easters after my grandmother died and it was too much for mom. There were times I would have 30+ family at my home. I made a huge meal and set up a big hunt in the yard for all my kids, cousins, nieces and nephews. Still makes me smile to this day.

I'm linking up some fabulous tops in spring colors and styles and fresh white slacks for Easter and beyond!

Now that I live so far away

We often go to my husbands aunt's house with all his cousins and extended family (small group in comparison about 10 or so but the most wonderful people in the world) or we hang at home. Even his family is a good two hours away so I think this year, I will make a fabulous meal for two!

I think this will be my look for the day. White slacks and a colorful spring top. Simple and comfortable but fitting for the special occasion. These pants are by Sanctuary and I found them in a thrift shop in Phoenix. I love it when I find a treasure. The top was from Ross and the bag too I think. All of it was bought last year. The shoes are a Marshals purchase last spring.

I'm in love with all the spring shoes and bags available right now so linked up several for you to create your own look1

Thanks for stopping by gang!


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