YouTube + Scissors =Bangs & Style Wise Link Up

YouTube + scissors = Bangs!

I have always been risky with my hair. Coloring it myself, perms way back when and yes I even have cut it if I am inspired.

As I have grown older I am a little more reserved when a whim to make a change takes over. But last weekend I was totally bored. Note: My mom always said only stupid people got bored so lets not tell her.  Ha ha! Anyhow, I started watching YouTube videos, my newest obsession. I watched a video on hair trends for 2018 and learned the number one trend was going to be fringe also called bangs. Also known as the "french facelift." I thought, I could use a lift!

Hmmmm. Well I was in Arizona and my stylist was in Idaho so I had a problem. First, I am not a patient person and second, I have a laissez-faire attitude most of the time. I remembered some disasters by my own hands but the thought whatever, it will grow back. So I proceeded to watch several videos on cutting your own bangs. I checked to see what style bangs would work for my face shape and exactly how to cut them the way I wanted. Then I walked into the bathroom and did everything I was instructed and boom, here I am. 

I will have to train my hair to stay parted in the middle and my bangs to hang straight but I also sort of like the messy effect right now. I then watched videos on all sorts of ways to style your hair with bangs and I am so excited to play around with them this spring. Think up-dos, scarves and more!  I'll have my stylist clean it up a little but I think this is fun for a spring change.

Speaking of my stylist, she will probably faint when she sees my DIY haircolor that I have been playing with. But I am sure she can whip it back to pre-me and my YouTube days. 

Bangs seem so retro.

The hair style I was going for was the iconic brow length bangs combined with overall long hair made popular in the 1970s by the English actress and singer Jane Birkin. For more details on the history of bangs go here

I wanted to share my new hair style with you but also wanted to show you these fun earrings. Baublebar has really fun jewelry and now you can by this brand at target! I got these fun earrings along with several other bright colored ones for spring and summer. 

As for my outfit since I was feeling retro I wore my bell bottoms and a black front tie tee and platform shoes. I tied a white knit jacket around my waist and carried my leopard clutch to complete this look.

Linking up my Express jeans, Ted Baker platform shoes and my Clare V. clutch along with fun options for creating your own look!

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We've all been hearing about using Pinterest to help grow our followings by getting our work out there and I have been taking classes and learning more about using my favorite form of social media. And now I'm inviting you to join my group board titled Style Wise. Check it out here. It was created just a couple of months ago and needs some more inspiration so if you are a fashion and style blogger and would like to be a contributor let me know in the comments section of this post or by sending an email to or you can DM me @northwestmountainliving.

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 Carrie of Curly Crafty Mom

Carrie of Curly Crafty Mom

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