Free People Meets Ugg in Le Boutique

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le Boutique . . .

the scoop

I have a little room in my home that was going to be an office. It has french doors and is perfectly square with one big window. It is only 8’ by 8’ so I decided to make it le boutique. I set it up like a little store with a big mirror in the corner with stainless hanging racks and stainless shelves around the room. I need to change out the light fixture but otherwise it is the perfect inspiration room for a blogger. I put all my new and favorite things in this room and plan outfits for blog posts. One day I would like to do little videos showing my fashion favorites. As soon as I get the lighting right I’ll show you more.

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Free People Meet Ugg

the two were meant to be.

my look

My fair isle sweater is by Free People and old. I have it in cream too because I love the coziness and look of an over sized fair isle sweater. I just got these fabulous Ugg hiking boots and thought they would make a cute outfit with the sweater. As usual I bounced around my house like Tigger trying to find good lighting for pictures. I got one outside but it was too dark and I wasn’t staying outside for more since it was only 16 degrees. I wore an old pair of skinny jeans and this look was complete. My only jewelry was silver big hoop earrings.

create your own look

I have the first three pairs of boots and love them. I added options for ideas!

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