Got Snow? and One Proud Mom!

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the scoop

We woke up to a dusting of snow so I went out to get some pictures. Before the day was done we had a record amount for the day in the valley. About four inches. To me this is nothing. I’m used to at least four feet of snow at our mountain home. We have a good foot there now. But the little bit we have here in the valley gave me the excuse to put on cute warm boots and a fur collared down jacket. I was toasty warm!

They are so unprepared for snow here in the valley that they don’t even bother plowing the side streets so a lot of people are just stuck until it melts. We had our four wheel drive truck so we hopped in and went to the Boise Co-Op to pick up fancy kimchi and then on to Costco to shop. So all was not lost.

The biggest scoop of all today is that my son’s first book was just published.


My Son’s Book

This is a little off topic but I had to share my son’s recent achievement. He is a Neuropsychologist and he wrote a book on the topic. It took him a lot of time and work and it turned out beautiful! Multiple world renowned colleagues within the neurosurgery and neuropsychology professions contributed.

Caleb has been a determined man his whole life and was off to college at the age of 17. He didn’t quit for even a break until he received his doctoral degree. He did his residency at Mount Sinai in New York and then went on to work at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona. He now specializes in epilepsy and is part of a team that performs brain surgeries. He is highly proficient in functional neuroimaging and brain mapping and working on opening a brain mapping division at the university of Kansas Health System, where he is also an associate professor and the team neuropsychologist for the Kansas City Chiefs.

He is a caring person and has always worked hard and gives his all to his family, friends and career. He has changed the lives of many people although he sees a lot of heartache too. I could not be more proud. Congratulations Caleb, I am so proud of you!

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my look

I’m wearing Sorel, Joan Of Arctic boots and a faux fur trim hooded down jacket over jeans and a pretty cranberry colored sweater. Everything is old but timeless. And everything keeps me warm when it feels like I live in a frozen tundra.

create your own look

Here is my boot round up. I have all of these and can tell you they are amazing. The Target boots with the fur ankle have been on my feet everyday this week. They are warm and completely comfortable.

My coat is old but I’m linking some fabulous options, all are on sale! These coats will give you years of wear!

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