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the scoop

The title says two knee boots because I wanted to show you two different pairs of knee boots in this post. One budget friendly and one at a higher price point. I thought it would be fun to try them out and see if you could see the difference. I could tell but both had good points and bad points.

One pair is nice quality leather with beautiful stitching and one is totally not leather and feels cheap but looks ok and was actually more comfortable. They both are perfect for different occasions. I would wear the less expensive pair for everyday activities or really casual events. I wouldn’t worry about them getting dirty or scuffed. The other pair I would wear for parties and nicer occasions where I knew I wouldn’t be beating them up too much.

The boots of the season are the knee boots and seem to sell out fast. I like them because they are easier get off and on than the over the knee boots. I’ve had my eye on them since last winter when I started seeing them and thought they would be the next fun boot.

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my look

I’m also sharing in this post more of DG2 items sent to me last week in a press kit. Two fabulous sweaters and a pair of but lifting jeans. They are all classic, very well made of quality material and great basics for the closet. The sweaters one in black and one in cream have ruffle detailing around the wrists and at the hem. They are not itchy at all, I can’t stand itchy sweaters and they are a medium weight so not too warm and not at all bulky. The jeans have a layer of fabric on the inside in the back that lifts and supports the rear end. It really works but you don’t feel all trussed up at all. They have a high waist and are very comfortable. I have worn them almost everyday since I got them a week ago.

I wore the black sweater with a statement necklace and my slouchy boots. I wore the cream sweater with a leopard scarf and the other pair of knee boots. The jeans were worn in both looks. I will be wearing these items often this winter.

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create your look

My Sam Edleman (worm with cream sweatwer) boots are sold out already but I found a similar pair in the same brand to link as well as the pair I got from Target (worn with the black sweater). I also linked same sweater (it comes in many colors), same jeans and a leopard scarf option. You can find DG2 items on

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