How I Take Casual to a Party

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the scoop

Last Monday I came home after taking my fur babies for their check up at the vet to find a big box at my door. Well, who doesn’t love to find big boxes at their door especially when you don’t know who it is from or what was in it. I knew right then that the holiday season had begun! I was already in an elated mood because my fur babies’ checkups had given me great news, so this added event tipped my day even higher.

I took the package inside and found it was a PR package full of beautiful clothes from Diane Gilman. I had shown some of her clothes this time last year. See here and here. And they were asking me to let them know what I thought of this year’s fall and winter collection. And if I liked would I be an Ambassador. So this post is C/O Diane Gilman and Alison Brod Marketing & Communications.

I don’t do collaborations anymore unless it is something I really love and I wouldn’t being showing these things with you if I weren’t a fan so all this week I will be sharing what they sent to me with you.

my look

I’m wearing DG2 jeans that are in a fabulous grey with a seam down the front and a slit up the front. The details on these jeans are so cute. They have a little stretch so they fit comfortably and give you shape. They are of excellent quality. The fabric is a nice weight and all the seams are straight and perfect. The jacket is also DG2 in a stretch denim and a almost buttery cream color. The jack has faux fur detailing on the collar and inside the front. I mean it is over the top pretty. You can remove the fur from the collar which can give you another look. I think I need it in other colors!

I wore the jeans and jacket with a plain long sleeved white tee and pulled out my party pumps! You know “tis the season” when I start wearing my plaid pumps. I carried my leopard clutch and to take my casual look to party I wore over sized pearls.

The best part about this look is that I took a casual denim and tee look from day to party just by adding fun jewelry, a clutch, fur collar, and pumps with pizzazz! All comfort, no fuss and party ready!

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  • I missed the gym and running for a week so back on track this week.

  • I was bored on Saturday night so I put up our tree. I wanted to try some things I learned on YouTube.

  • I will be working on my own YouTube video this week with friend who is a makeup expert. I really want to learn how to apply make better.

  • I made the most amazing and healthy fist tacos last night. They will be on repeat. Here is the recipe. Next time I think I will try them with shrimp.

  • November is my blogiversary. I will have been blogging five years. Kind of a big deal to me so I am trying to come up with a way to mark the occasion. One is that I am working on a blog makeover, you might have noticed some of the changes already.

create your own look

I’m linking exact jacket and it comes in three colors ( cream, black and dark denim), I could not find the link to my exact jeans but I am linking others that are really festive. Linking my exact clutch and similar heels. My necklace is J Crew from a few years ago but I am linking one that is really pretty also from J Crew. I’m also going ahead and linking the jeans and sweaters they sent me that I will show later this week. They sent the sweater to me in black and one in cream but it comes in many beautiful colors and I want them all. The jeans are butt lifting and that they do! I will tell you more about how they are made and why they work on my next post. You’ll find more Diane Gilman on

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