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No Snow

yet . . .

the scoop

Bet you can’t guess where we’ve been. Yep, back in the mountains. We spent a few days there and I got lots of pictures. It was cold but not much snow. Hardly any really! I imagine that will change any day now. I am ready for a little of the white stuff actually.

Right now I have a fire starting in the fireplace and am watching three little deer munch on the grass in the back yard. Such a country life feel!

my look

I decided that since my days of dresses in this weather are almost done for this year I better put one on. This dress is a fabulous sweatshirt dress with a hood and a tulip hem. Not really stylish but oh so cozy. I wanted outdoor pictures so I put on a pair of fun winter boots and headed out. This is how you dress in a dress in the mountains! There is something cozy about a snuggly dress to hang around inside when winter is howling outside.

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your own look!

create your own look

My things are all old but linking similar items with many on sale!


  • By the time you read this post we will be heading down the mountain.

  • I have to start getting the house prepped for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • I haven’t made a turkey for a few yeas so that will be a challenge. And I love a challenge!

  • I am taking back little pine trees from our land to put in my pots on the front porch. I think they will be so cute and bring some of the beautiful pine scent to our home.

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