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Hey gang! Well, here I am back in the blogging game. I have been going back and forth for a few months on whether I should continue blogging and I guess I sort of have been going through a mid life crisis. Is there room for me in the blogsphere? Is there a place for women my age to share their fashion and lifestyle? After thinking a LOT about what brought me to blogging in the first place, I decided that I want to continue for at least a little while longer.

You see, I started in the beginning because I wanted a creative outlet, a hobby, something that would be fun for when I had time. Then I noticed that in all the social media you would see so many fabulous bloggers, but for the most part they were young. Relative to me; very young. I wasn’t seeing myself in any of these talented people. I still read these blogs and find I learn so much from them. But I wanted to see women my age more. I wanted to let others see how women age. I wanted to change the sterotypical ideas a lot of society has about us.

So here I am, back at it. Keeping it light and fun though. I never want to add to the drama in this world. You know . . . girls just wanna have fun!

my look

Most of my readers like the fashion side of my blog. And since it is the most fun for me, I am always happy to share my day to day looks. Here is such a fun outfit for fall. I am wearing big old bell bottom jeans, a comfy flannel shirt, blue suede boots and I’m carrying a fabulous green bag. I topped this look off with a navy fisherman’s cap. I can’t tell you how comfy this look is. What I love most about it though is the colors. Dark rich greens and blues are the theme.

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Well, not a lot of news in my world, outside of setting up our house in the city which has been way more work than I expected. But I have been taking my time and adding here and there as I go. Lots of fun projects to do as long as I remember that it’s the journey that makes it fun.

Here’s some quick bullets of my life right now.

  • I’m still trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I work out daily in some form or another. Like one day I spent the whole day raking and bagging leaves. Let me tell you, I was sore for days after that. Plus we go to the YMCA almost daily.

  • I love to cook and am always trying new healthy and not so healthy recipes. I am really into soups right now. If you have any soup recipes you love, please send them my way! I will even try to make them and put it on the blog.

  • I have decided to let my hair grow for the winter and it seems to be growing slow lately. I always think everything is because I am getting old. But I think it can also be the time of year. I have heard your hair grows faster in the spring and summer. Myth?

  • I started using Retin A several weeks ago but I’m going really slowing and only using it three times a week. I can’t tell any change yet so the jury is still out. I’m looking for more vibrant skin with smaller pores. It’s supposed to help your skin regenerate more since it slows down as you age.

  • I voted already and am hoping everyone else will vote in the coming election. Here is some useful information if you need it.

  • I watched a couple of wonderful movies on Netflix both staring Jane Fonda and love how she represents women my age in these movies. They aren’t trying to hide the lines in her face or make her look young, she’s the real thing. Here is the trailer to Peace, Love and Misunderstanding. My favorite was Our Souls At Night also starring Robert Redford. Here is the trailer.

  • I’m working on a photo studio in the basement. The pictures with the blank wall were taken there. Lighting is always an issue for me. But I have fun playing with it all1

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Same flannel shirt and dark jeans (limited size) are linked, and fun options for creating your own look!

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Thanks for stopping by gang!

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