Conspiracy Against The Older Woman

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I've linked up some options that I would love! My boots are Sorel Joan of Arc and I have the Tofino's too. Obsessed!

the Scoop

Maybe I am a rebel without a cause but I can't help it! It seems society is bent on making us doubt ourselves from the age 30 on. Probably even before that, but that's another story.  If I read one more article telling me what I can or should or can't or shouldn't do as an older women I am going to bust an artery!

Lately every time I turn around I read that older women shouldn't be wearing make up or not as much make up or something to that effect. It will get in the lines of our faces and accentuate them. Well one, who gives a hoot and two, that's not true. I think if we can bare children, raise them, manage full time careers, run a home, and the list goes on we can manage to put on make up that suits us just fine. 

Until I turned 50 I only wore a little sunscreen, eye liner, mascara and a touch of blush. Who had time to do more? But now I am having so much fun with makeup. I have the time to watch videos and play. I get to experience something I didn't have time to when I was younger. Sure, sometimes I look a little overdone but if I'm OK with it, and that's all that counts. 

I have pretty much thrown out all the voices in my head from a life time of being told what I should or shouldn't do as a woman. I feel so strong and confident at my age that I don't feel the need to be perfect or to have the approval of people I don't know or care about. So some days I will have make up on, some days I won't. But everyday, I will be doing what I choose to do! 

My outfit

On the day of this shoot, while most of the rest of the country was a frozen tundra, we were having close to a heat wave! It was almost 40 degrees! Still snow everywhere but I got to dress a little lighter and have fun. 

I wore a pair of leggings, snow boots, and a merino wool top with a vest. I added a scarf to accessorize and add another layer of warmth. I know, I know I'm not supposed to wear leggings without a long top to cover my offensive backside! I even went crazy and had make up on my face! Ha!

Are you as tired of society trying to rule women, as I am? 

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More outfit options. My scarf is Free People but sold out in the color. The Free People below is beautiful!

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