A Scarf My Way

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create your own look

These dress legging here are beautiful and these here too. Both on sale. This sweater here is the same brand as I am wearing and comes in neutral like I am wearing but a beautiful lavender here that will carry you into spring! Obsessed! I think in my cart it goes! Random here but I added these shoes here into my cart to go with the lavender sweater. It will make a perfect spring transistion look. Here is a scarf option. I would get this scarf here to go with the lavender sweater! More options below or in the Boutique for creating your own look!


the scoop

I'm still using my photos taken before I left the mountains. Believe it or not it was easier to take photos there where I am familiar what I have to work with regarding lighting and background. Here in Arizona I have to travel a distance to get to backgrounds and the lighting can often be too bright to get a picture. 

Even though we have had about three days of temps in the upper 50s and low 60s it was still warmer than the mountains. Most of the time it has been in the low to mid 70s and that is where I like it! 

I am working on a big post for the week of February 5th along with a give away worth $400+ so stay tuned and I will keep you posted!

my outfit

This outfit was created in an effort to be warm and cozy on a cold wintry day in the mountains. I am wearing leggings but they are not sport leggings they are thicker and more like slacks. I put on an over sized sweater in a neutral shade and then added a big blanket scarf full of warm rich colors. Once I had the scarf I thought of my orange bag that would compliment this look. A pair of lower heeled suede booties completed this look.  

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