How I Get High

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My look is old but I found some cute options like these leggings here, that would be so cute with this jacket here. Add these sneakers here and you've got your own look! And I'm dying over this back pack here that would be a great gym bag or any day bag and would take you right into spring! More options for your look are below and in my boutique.

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It's true exercise is how I get high. My January started out on the right foot with my fitness being a top priority but within two weeks the long dark days and cold snowy weather had me slacking big time. So here I am getting back on the wagon. And that's okay because I believe the secret of successfully living a fit life is to accept the days you don't do perfectly and jump back on the wagon each and every morning. 

I am in Arizona now for a couple of months and have already hit the mountain trails and started my 5K training. It's hard to eat perfectly with so much food around. Every time we leave the house you can smell the lovely restaurants working their magic. But again, 80/20% rule. I'm a work in progress! 

One of the ways I help keep my self motivated is to dress the part. Putting on active wear first thing in the morning is a reminder throughout the day to move it or lose it. Movement of any kind is beneficial in my mind. 

my outfit

I'm wearing a pair of Bebe leggings in a big floral print which I love. I mean I thought you weren't supposed to wear large floral print on the bottom part of your body the explanation being it will make you look bigger. But I'm finding it actually camouflages things some. When I found this adorable bomber style jacket in the active wear area of the store I was YES! How fun is that! I'm seeing lots of gray sneakers and like how neutral they are and go with every thing. I love to wear my lace t-back sports bras rather than the usual thick fabric of a lot of sports bras. And that's that!

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