Country Mountain Business Suit


I call this my country mountain business suit! I saw an outfit with camouflage pants, a denim jacket and heels sort of like this that I wanted to recreate but I didn't have camouflage pants (yet). :-). I did have a camouflage jacket that I a bought late this summer and pants that were the perfect shade of green to with the jacket. How to put those together started rolling through my mind. Of course, a black and white striped tee and suede black pumps would be perfect! I put it together and found I liked it way more than the suits I used to wear when I worked at the University. It had a suit like look but with a casual and edgy side. Definitely will wear this again. 


I had an appointment to get a hair cut a few weeks ago but had to reschedule and am just now finally (today) going to see my stylist. To be honest I am not sure what I want done. I like this length but love it shorter too. And my color now is lack luster and needs something. I think I will just let my stylist do whatever she wants, she is so good at knowing what I like and has never steered me wrong. And I've been going to her for 10 years. So we'll all see what she thinks soon!

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