Graphic Tee On Mules


For a while I had decided that graphic tees didn't look good on me and that I was too old for them. But this summer when I saw so many women rocking their tees I decided that all I needed to do was find tees that said something I could stand behind. This tee is one of those! I love naps! I can take a 20 minute power nap and feel great until bedtime! I paired this tee with skinny jeans and nude mules and a fun bag and it all came together so nicely! For jewelry I layered a couple of necklaces, my watch and added earrings and that felt like enough.


You all know by now that I live in a little country town in the mountains. We don't have many stores and only a couple of boutiques or clothing stores. But the local grocery store and drug store help fill the need by selling a few clothes. I got this tee and a couple of other fun ones at our drug store. They are light weight and so soft and hang so nice. And they washed perfectly with no shrinking. Good find on my part! I love wearing all three that I bought for $12. each. It just goes to show if you love clothes you can find them somewhere!



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Check out my Boutique and Chatter page here for outfit ideas! I haven't been buying much new to show you but will have some fun new things soon. I got a couple of Rack hauls last week and I am excited to share! Meanwhile check out all the other noise on my blog. 

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