Casual Friday, IG Secret & Link Up Party

The outfit

I'll admit that everyday is casual day for me now that I no longer have to go in to an office each day. I sometimes miss that part of working at the University. But most of the time I am grateful for my peaceful, slow pace lifestyle. This outfit is about the best of the best in my casual repertoire. Relaxed jeans, soft black shirt, tan mules that slide off easily and a nice bag on standby if I need to run an errand. In this post I am showing my outfit with a couple of different bags. I'm wearing a new layered necklace that I love and new really big hoop earrings. Both will be on heavy rotation this fall I am thinking.

IG Secret

I think I was about the last one to learn about this IG secret but I wanted to share it just in case anyone else missed it. I noticed over the last few weeks people posting that they were officially found to have authentic followers on Instagram. Being curious, I finally asked an Instafriend and he told me where to go to sign up for it. It's called Forh Card and it is an amazing resource which currently is free but I expect them to at some point to start charging a fee. Here is the link. On the top right click on Sign Up and follow the directions. The cool part about this service is not only do they check your authenticity status but they create a Press Kit for you and give you all kinds of data regarding your followings on IG, Twitter, or any social media you allow them access to including your google analytics. It is interactive so you can add brands and press to your kit. I am very impressed with this service and want everyone to benefit so go check them out. 


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On last Saturday's edition of the "Move It Or Lose It" segment, I talked about my DNA surprise! This week I will talk about my experience with Botox. I hope to see you there! Sign up below for my newsletter if you want to get the reminder.

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