Straight Skirt Style


I was getting a little excited about fall fashion and went into my winter closet to walk down memory lane from last year. Way back in the back I saw this skirt and it still had the tag on it. I remember buying it and one in black several years ago thinking a straight skirt never goes out of style and it would be a good closet staple. The wheels started turning and I put together this outfit. The skirt is a dark grey and I love pink with grey so I wore a light pink camisole. These blush cage sandals seemed perfect and on my clutch shelf I saw this colorful clutch that I thought would add a pop of color to the look. For jewelry I layered a couple of necklaces which is my favorite jewelry hack right now, my signature hoop earrings was all I needed. This outfit turned out so cute and was fun to create! I think come fall I can wear the black skirt with an over-sized sweater and over-the-knee boots for a fun look.  

This Weeks Happenings

This Friday I have a hair appointment and I am a little torn. Some days I like this length of my hair and some days I want it a few inches shorter like I had in the Spring. I'll probably have her take a couple of inches off. I am not going to have her do anything much to the color. For winter I want it to be my natural dark blond color as well as continue to let my grey come in more. So maybe just a tiny bit of highlighting will happen. 

Today is the Eclipse and we plan to watch it from the comfort of our back yard. We are supposed to have about 10 seconds of total eclipse so it will be fast and fun. The last chance in my life time to witness it. Some parts of the state will be overrun with visitors because some areas will get almost two and a half minutes of total eclipse. I hear there may be some odd things going on, my dentist had heard of things like sacrificing animals and weird rituals being expected. Strange world we live in. I will be keeping my fur babies as close as ever. But then they are almost always sitting next to me or on me anyway so nothing new there.


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