Floral Shorts & Rope Heels

The outfit

I know it has been hot for most of the country for a while but it just now really warmed up here where I live. We have been getting a few days of low 90s. The nights still drop down into the 50s so it is overall very pleasant! But it is also perfect weather for summer shorts and I am having fun styling outfits around my collection. This outfit is made up of a pair of floral shorts from the Loft of a few seasons ago, a Rebecca Minkoff top also from a few seasons back and a pair of mules recently bought at Marshalls. Basically this outfit was built around the shoes because they are new favorites for me. I grabbed my trusty wicker clutch and was ready for the day. Big silver hoop earrings was all the jewelry I wanted with this outfit.

family happenings

I rarely share things about my family but this summer has been so fun. Last week my youngest son, my sweet daughter-in-law and adorable five-year-old grandson came to visit us from KS for almost a week. It was just one moment of fun memories after another all week. I was in heaven since we only get together like this a couple of times a year. Well, this week my oldest son (I have two boys) and his family are coming from hot Arizona for a the week! I am so excited to see them all but especially my granddaughter who turns two next month. My gosh she is the happiest most adorable thing on earth. So I'll be busy but I have all my posts in the can and they will go out on time. As for social media, it will be way out of my mind except for what I have already scheduled. To be honest I don't give a hoot about social media. I only do it to help people find my blog. Anyway, I am in bliss!



This week on my "Move It Or Lose It." segment I am sharing my no diet, diet and my no recipe, recipes among other things. So far, this Saturday-only post is a big hit with the fitness loving readers. I hope you can stop by! 


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