Favorite J Crew Top


Wednesdays are turning out to be the day I do a shorts outfit. Its' summer here finally and I am wearing shorts as often as I can. These shorts are so old I'm not sure where I got them. My top is a J Crew from a few seasons ago and one that I absolutely love due the to colors and style and the fact that it is lined. My Marc Fishers platforms are new this season as is my LV Never Full MM tote. The only thing this outfit needed was big hoop earrings! This turned out to be my under-cover, investigative look. Let me tell you why  . . .


On the day I wore this I had just read on the ever reliable Facebook that a new Starbucks had been put in one of our local grocery stores (we have a total of two). I had to check this out! I was so sure it was fake because this town has only one chain restaurant/store and that is a Subway. It is true, we now have a Starbucks. The city counsel has always been set on keeping our little resort town original. But when the giant Albertsons bought one of our little country grocery stores, the town seems to be either changing their views or they are no a match for such a large corporation. They are adding a whole story to the building and increasing the square footage significantly. Personally, I'll stop by the Starbucks now and then but I will never buy groceries there, the prices are outrageous! I'll stick with the other local grocery store Ridleys, their prices are really good and aligned with the communities' needs. I can't see why anyone would pay twice as much for a product that they could get down the street for a fair price. OK, hopping off my soap box! 



On this past Saturday's edition of "Move It Or Lose It." segment, I shared my choices regarding a controversial topic. So far this Saturday only fitness post is a big hit with many of my readers. I wish you could read some of the wonderful emails I am getting! I hope you can stop by! 


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