Belt Loop Tuck


When I bought these jeans back in early spring this year, I bought this top to go with it. I didn't try it on and when I got it home I decided it didn't go so well. Too much tail in the top. I looked like a balloon. But as you know by now if you read my blog, I sit on things for a while. Today I decided it was time to wear these jeans again and try this top with them. Well sure enough too much top. So I did what I do often, I tucked the tail in my belt loop. It was so cute! This is my trick that I use often when I have more shirt than I need but this time it really made a big difference. I added some nudish/tan mules and a leopard bag. A long necklace defined my neckline a little. I was good to go! I wanted to point out the detail on my shoes. I got them at Marshals and the heel has a wrapped rope look.  I had been wanting a pair of all purpose tan mules and these were perfect. Be prepared to get sick of them!


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