All About That Base


I have been seeing long tunics, cardigans and even dresses being worn with longer shorts a lot lately. I really like the look and so tried to put an outfit together combining those components. I went with a black tee, black duster and pair of DIY cut offs. I cut them off longer so they had the look I wanted. I added a statement bag and shoes that were really the star of the show. To me it's all about the base and I loved how it all turned out! 


On this past Saturday's edition of "Move It Or Lose It" segment, I shared my weakest link. How I use weight lifting to stay fit. Next Saturday, I will talk about how I incorporate HIIT into my fitness repertoire. Once again I look at the science and trends and then develop my own practical way of doing things.


I'm always adding outfit ideas and providing links to new things that I'm learning and doing to my Boutique and Chatter page here. So check it out to see all the noise on my blog. You can get the links to my bag and shoes there.

I've been bringing in a few clients for blog designing and so enjoying the process. So if you are thinking about starting a blog and need a designer give me a holler! I've had many clients that already have blogs but want my phase two and three services. More detail are on my Services page here

Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks for stopping by!



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