Ripped & Red

Today (actually Memorial Day) I wore a very casual outfit. I wanted to be extra comfortable for hanging around the house and running errands in to town. So I wore a t-shirt and ripped jeans. Some have commented that they think women my age are too old for ripped jeans but my rule for dressing goes into play here. If I wore it when I was younger, I can wear it now (Remember however, I never wore bikinis, hot pants or mini skirts, they just weren't my style. They looked great on other women, just not me!) But I did wear ripped jeans, I didn't buy them that way I was just a tomboy and rough on my jeans. We lived in the country with horses, cats, dogs and goats, I was outside all the time, climbing apple and pear trees when I needed a snack, crossing creeks and climbing windmills. Naturally my jeans ripped! So I will wear them today and proudly do so.  But the real star of my outfit are the shoes. I think you can wear anything and kick up the chic with the right shoes. I LOVE theses shoes! NO REALLY, LOVE THEM!

What do you use to add chic to your casual?

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If you follow me on Instagram @northwestmountainliving you would have seen the cake I made last week. It is an Oatmeal cake but way more chic than that sounds. When I want a cake that feels like comfort food but has style, I make this cake. It has a toasted walnut, coconut topping that is heaven. 

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