Coming or Going & A Nudu Review

Sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going but in this midi romper I really don't care! It is so cute either way! I discovered midi rompers early this spring and decided they were brilliant! I love rompers but they are all so short that I can't wear them. But the midi romper (and I have seen maxi) gives you extra coverage so you get the look and feel of a romper with much more confidence! I have two now, (see the other here) and they were both around $30 on sale at Nordstrom Rack, regularly much more. So I got to try a new style on a budget. They are perfect for summer casual events. Big fan! Just saying. 

This midi romper has stripes of blues, corals and white so I wore a pair of navy wedges. For jewelry I wore a white watch and turquoise earrings. I carried a wicker clutch. I have been seeing so many people wearing blue nail polish and decided to be brave and paint my nails and toes a fun blue. I loved how it all came together!

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For the summer I have been hiking/walking/running four miles a day. Each morning I get up and do a two mile hike and then in the evenings I run two or walk three miles. My hikes are so fun because I have been Morel mushroom hunting while I'm out in the forest. I usually find enough to take home for breakfast. Below is a picture of some I found. In the first picture I am showing the mushroom next to a flower (Trillium). This flower starts out white and when it turns purple the conditions are right for Morels. 

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