Spring Blues

I have never gravitated that much to blues until the last couple of seasons where I seem to reach for blue every time I put together an outfit. And what better time to be wearing blue than in the spring. Today I wanted to wear this kimono so I built my outfit using it as the anchor. I wore it with a white t-shirt, skinny jeans, wedge sandals and one of my favorite spring bags. A necklace with the same family of blues and reds along with turquoise rings and a bracelet completed the outfit. It came together so beautifully and I felt extremely comfortable. I could work at my desk, read a book by the fire or cook, all on my list of to dos.

For dinner I plan to make Insalata Napoli, my very favorite salad. It is a meal in a salad. Here is the recipe in case you are interested. It has grilled chicken breast, bacon, spinach, bow tie pasta, artichoke hearts, tomato, I use goat cheese, red onion and more all topped with a Balsamic Dressing. Yum!

In other news . . . I have been having a little trouble with the commenting section of my blog. Some people are having trouble using it so I switched to Disqus. We'll see how it goes. Meanwhile all old comments will no longer be seen as they remain in the Squarespace CMS.

To use Disqus you can log in using your existing Disqus account, facebook or twitter account or you can sign up for a Disqus account or you can comment as a guest. Disqus notifies you when there is a response to your comment which is an added feature. It might seem a little clunky now but is easy once you use it a time or two. I can easily move back to Squarespace if Disqus doesn't work for us so let me know if you have issues. You can email me at northwestmountainliving@gmail.com or go to the contact page. 

Thanks for stopping by!