Bubble Gum Fun in a Magical Forest

I'm still waiting for warmer more spring-like weather here in McCall. At least most of the snow has melted. As you know, I often try to elevate my mood by adding color to my outfits. In this case, with a very functional wardrobe staple, my Hunter boots. The color reminds me of bubble gum and brings a smile to my face as I walk through our magical forest. I have a small collection of these boots which include fire engine red, sunset orange and a more conservative pair that are navy with burgundy and green trim. I use these boots all the time since I love to hike around in the wet forest looking for wild mushrooms, flowers, and huckleberries. I added a fun dotted shirt, skinny jeans and a navy bomber jacket. The necklace is a very old Chico's necklace that adds a whimsical element to the outfit. My little helper wants me to follow him down the drive to a muddy path which will not be happening due to his shade of white. We'll find some grass and trees to sniff around in instead.

Also, stay tuned. I have a secret that I have been working on for a while. I plan to share it with you soon. It's about branching out, doing new things, growing up toward the sky, not down to the ground. I'm still dreaming and I hope you are too.

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