Bell Sleeve Bandwagon

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By now if you are a regular reader you know that I am not that original. I jump on the trend wagon often although in my defense I try to make it my own by adding a twist. Bell sleeves is a trend now in its second season by my count and is a trend I think is so darling. I have bell sleeved tops in my closet that are several years old but the bells are getting bigger with a lot of detail this spring. I saw this top a couple of weeks ago and for the price thought it was a steal. To give myself more shape I like to twist and tuck the hem into the belt loop of my jeans. I do this a lot because I have a very short waist so tucking tops in completely gives me an unbalanced look but tucking in just a corner shows I have a waist at least. With this top I decided to wear my flared jeans and wedge heels. I carried my white saddle bag and wore my Mexican Fire Opal necklace for a pop of color. This turned out to be a fun spring look.

What is your favorite trend this spring?

I made a chocolate cake today. The recipe off the container of Hershey's cocoa powder is what I always use. I make one change to the recipe though. It calls for one cup of boiling water and I replace that with hot coffee. And for a frosting, I just chop up some walnuts mix them with chocolate chips and throw on top when it is still warm from the oven. They melt just enough to stick but still hold their shape. This time I added a few butterscotch chips too. I usually eat one piece and put the rest in the freezer for company.

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