Chicos Friendship Bracelet

Recently, Chicos sent me, along with all 50 of the women who participated in the first Fierce 50 campaign, a Friendship bracelet to celebrate our vision of a coming movement. The campaign and now movement was developed to promote the value of women over 50. Many women including myself describe turning fifty like not being seen anymore, like disappearing. We don't want to disappear and we don't want women in the future to feel that way. So we are showing the world who we are and what contributions we continue to add to society. We want to change the perception of growing older. 

I didn't know what color bracelet I would be receiving, I just knew it was called a Friendship bracelet. Chicos didn't know when my birthday was but it just so happened they sent me the pearl one which is my birthstone. The bracelet also arrived on International Women's Day so it has a special meaning to me now. I will always remember the significance of that day when I wear this bracelet.

Chico's only asked that we share our bracelets on Instagram but I wanted to do more so I built an outfit around it for a blog post. I wanted to contrast the elegance and beauty of the bracelet with a classic carefree style. I am crazy about white button down shirts right now so I thought wearing one with my Levis and Adidas would be perfect. I painted my nails white which is also a trend that I am loving, to make the bracelet pop just a little more. I was really happy with the outcome. 

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