Blue Suede Shoes

Outfit details on my Boutique & Chatter page here.

Have you noticed all the blue booties people have been wearing? I have! I have wanted a pair for some time and I found these at the Rack for an amazing price. They were just what I wanted with a simple, lower heel, and a rich blue leather. I built my outfit around them with Levis, a Michael Kors cape that has leather pockets and zippers down the front and on the sides. A maroon colored thermal top, necklace and watch. I loved it the minute I put it all together. Now I am thinking of my next outfit showcasing these boots!

Do you like colored booties or do you prefer to stick with the basics?

In other news, I joined Style Collective this week. It is a wonderful organization where bloggers can find all kinds of resources and network with other bloggers in the industry. If you are a blogger and want to learn more, go here.

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