So Summer

My favorite part of this outfit is my cute denim slides. Partly because they are unique but also because they are as comfortable and slippers. I decided to build my outfit around them. Lately I've been grasping for the unusual so I went with black jeans, a floral sleeveless top and denim jacket. I wore my Mexican Fire Opal necklace and carried a tan tote. I was really happy with this, so summer look!

As I told you in previous posts, we sold our rather large home in the valley and have been in the process of moving the last of our stuff out. We are often "do it yourself" people and decided we could move some of our stuff on our own. One piece of furniture I wanted moved to our mountain home was our antique Belgium chest. It is very large, 5 ft tall and 4 ft wide and heavy. We managed to get it on a cart and into the trailer and haul it to McCall. But when we got there somehow we got it upside done on the cart while trying to get it in the house. Sooooo now we have it on the cart in the house upside down and can't figure out how we are going to turn it right side up without breaking our backs. Once we were done struggling with getting it in the house we had a good laugh at our predicament!  I guess at some point we will come up with a plan. 

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