My Mary Tyler More Look

I am a huge fan of Mary Tyler Moore, may she rest in peace. She was always a light-hearted reminder that I could do things that were not expected of me like go to college, earn a doctoral degree, become an associate dean, a professor, publish in journals, and be strong in a man's world while raising children and managing a home. The only thing expected of me as a young girl was to get married and have babies. College was never even suggested to me in my rural Missouri high school in the 1970s. Mary Tyler Moore may have been a fictional character, but her message was real and I took it to heart and mind.

This outfit made me think of her style so I call it my Mary Tyler Moore look. I wasn't sure about this top from Marshals because it is an off-the-shoulder, but I when I wore it like a boat neck, it was perfect. The shoes were the base of this outfit, also a find at Marshals that I just couldn't leave without. I remember back in the mid 90s, I was crazy about slides and love that they are trending again. The jeans are a pair of my DIY uneven raw hem and my Tory Burch tote was the final touch. This outfit made me think of spring, new beginnings, accomplishments and the blessings of living a long life.

Do you have a fictional hero?

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